Sunday, April 6, 2008


Although slightly touristy, this restaurant has become one of my favorite sushi restaurants in Ginza. The atmosphere of the restaurant is warm and welcoming as the sushi chefs yell their greetings as you enter. My favorite seating is at the sushi counter where you can watch the sushi chefs at work. Next to each chef is a huge tub of rice. It's amazing to watch them produce order after order with such ease and the quality of the fish is outstanding. The tuna melts in your mouth. The downside Midori-zushi is there is often a wait to be seated. I've waited anywhere from 15-45 minutes, but once inside the meal is served rapidly and is reasonably priced. Last time, I talked to one of the sushi chefs on the way out - I'm excited to see if he remembers me upon my next visit!

Midori-zushi - Ginza 7-108; 11-2pm, 5pm-9:30pm - 03-5568-1212

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