Monday, April 7, 2008

American's International Flagship Experience

I fly a lot these days. In fact, I might even say sometimes I spend more time flying than I do at home (yes, sad I know). So when American introduced their new business class seats, I was extremely excited to try them. Boy are they everything they said they were and more! There are just so many small touches that really make the seats a world better. The list includes:
  • Two tray tables! Now I can put my laptop on one while I eat on the other, pure genius!
  • On demand and increased movie selection - Instead of choosing from 8 movies that only play at select times, now I can choose from well over 30 movies, tv shows, etc, and start them whenever I want!
  • Bose sound canceling headphones - These aren't new, but definitely deserve being mentioned. I miss them greatly when flying other airlines.
  • A flat bed seat - ok so they are a little late with this on international flights, but I still appreciate it
Needless to say, I now always hope for the new seats when flying American. Such a drastic difference from the old business class. A job well done!

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