Sunday, June 22, 2008

Scooper Bowl!

Many of you know how much I love ice cream. For a long time, I thought I should have a career in the ice cream business. No joke, no matter how much time I spend around it, scooping it, eating it - I always want more. So it was a great treat when I got to take a little bit of time out of work the other day and attend the Scooper Bowl. The Scooper Bowl is a fund raising event for the Jimmy Fund in Government Center. You pay $8 and get to eat all the ice cream you can! Next year, I need to remember to not eat lunch first! Anyways, here's a run down of what I had:

Ben & Jerry's - Cake Batter - As the name indicates, this tasted exactly like yellow cake batter. I must admit it wasn't one of my favorites, but the flavor was definitely spot on.

Breyers - Cookies & Cream - A classic, you just can't go wrong with this.

Cold Stone Creamery - Chocolate Devotion - Wow, intense chocolate. Fantastic!

Haagen-Dazs - Raspberry Sorbet - Definitely refreshing on this intensely hot day. I think I might actually buy this in a store.

Doriti Gelati - Lemon Sorbetto - Hands down the best ice cream I tried. Unbelievable - in fact, my aunt went the day after me, and commented on exactly the same ice cream without any prompting. (As a side note, their mango gelato, not so hot).

I'm sure I missed a few that I tried, but what a great event. I love summer and all the ice cream that comes with it!!

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