Sunday, June 29, 2008


This restaurant took over for the Federalist in XV Beacon, a small boutique hotel in Boston. As the name suggests, it's a steakhouse, trying to compete with Abe & Louie's, Smith & Wolinski's, Capital Grille, etc. However, I must say it's just not the same caliber as any of the restaurants mentioned above.

The service, is well, just not up to par. The hostess seemed slightly out of it. I'm not even sure they sat us at the right table. Our waiter was ok, but he lacked any personality. This is supposed to be a high quality restaurant - you should have high quality staff.

The food - mixed reviews to be honest. A coworker had the Kobe Beef Dumplings which he was pleased with. I started with the Lobster Bisque which made me sick (aka - don't get this). The steak was average. Both desserts (strawberry shortcake and key lime alaskan) received good reviews.

Overall, for the price and the type of food - go elsewhere. This restaurant simply is nothing special and you can get far better service (and probably steak) at another restaurant.

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