Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back in Japan!

So I've just returned to Japan after a two week hiatus in the US. Now, this time I'm only here for a week, which is frightfully short compared to all of my other trips. Every time I return, I'm still amazed at how familiar I have become with Tokyo. Sadly, I think this is the longest I've really spent in one place since I graduated from college. This trip I'm particularly reminded of the things I enjoy about Japan:

  • The weather - while this isn't always true, the weather so far has been absolutely amazing. Cool and crisp in the morning and night, warming up during the day.
  • The fake flushing the toilet sound - this annoys some people, but I've gotten used to it. When you go the bathroom in Japan, you push a button which plays a flushing the toilet sound - helps with the privacy.
  • The cleanliness - everything, everywhere - no trash.

On the downside, this time I've really noticed some things about Japan that are starting to irk me.
  • The fake politeness - mainly this bothers me in restaurants these days. Don't pretend you are full when there are empty tables. Really just no need.
  • People walk into you - I don't know what it is but I've started just plowing through people. No one moves over. I know for women walking in heels all the time is hard work, but please just move one step to the left so I can pass you or if you are walking two or three abreast towards me just make some room.
Lastly, I went to Rigoletto Kitchen tonight. A sister restaurant to Dazzle (which I've eaten at twice). I think I enjoyed Rigoletto Kitchen more than Dazzle, perhaps because it's more down to earth or maybe because I was just so hungry by the time I got there, it had an english menu, and the waiter spoke perfect english. Either way, I would recommend it.

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