Sunday, May 4, 2008


Last night, we tried a New Zealand wine bar, whose original branch is in Shibuya. Both the Shibuya and Ginza restaurants had received great reviews, so I was very excited. Luckily, the restaurant met my expectations. Check out our dinner:

  • Amuse bouche - Cheese with honey - Very good.
  • Appetizer - Assortment - There was so many different things on this plate it's going to be hard to remember them all. Let's see... beans with minced meat, salad with chicken patte, fried fish with tartar sauce, grilled vegetables, and chicken - a nice wide variety. I thought everything was good minus the chicken patte.
  • Pasta - I really liked the pasta (minus the fact it was spaghetti). It had an oil based sauce with capers.
  • Fish - A piece of white fish with salad. The white fish was good, considering I'm not a huge fan of white fish.
  • Meat - The sauce on the steak was great. There was something else with the steak but it's slipping my mind right now...
  • Dessert - Hmm... this was awesome. Strawberries, whip cream, stuffed inside a pastry. Nice way to end the meal :)
  • Wines!! - I thought they had a fantastic wine list. Very extensive. We chose to order wine by the glass so we could sample a wide variety. They have four different reds by the glass. However, once one bottle is through, they open something completely different which I enjoyed as it expanded my choices!
If I had more time here in Tokyo, I would definitely go back. I really enjoyed both my meal and the wine! Oh and as an extra added bonus, they are open late - until 1am!!

Arossa - Velvia-kan 8F - Ginza 2-4-6

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